Doutzen Kroes Skimpy Bikini in South France

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aldo-vallon - August 18, 2017

 If the flappers of the 1920's knew what bikinis were and were able to wear them in public without being denounced as harlots, then this would be the swimsuit for them. It has so many tassels hanging off of it that even those wannabe country girls are envious. Their tassels are always made out of leather so they always have to stay out of the water when wearing them. That usually works out in favor of the spectators, but this bikini is pretty good as well. 

Most of the times I am describing tassels the word is preceded by nipple, and the word stripper is usually sprinkled in there somewhere, so this is a welcomed change. When she is in the water do the tassels sink down under the water like anchors, or do they float on the water and spread out like tentacles. I only ask because I have a similar issue with my unnaturally long chest hair and desperately need a solution. I am willing to try anything. I'll tie weights to the end of the hairs, braid them into cornrows. Just don't ask me to cut them, I have grown rather attached.  


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Photo Credit: Splash News