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bill-swift - March 24, 2012

My piloxing instructor, Eddie Van Stropp, likes to say that hot bodies are made from 50% hard work, 50% genetics, and 10% Eddie Von Stropp. He's kind of a tool, with some horrible math, and after six long months, I still look like the Grimace, but I think I kind of get his point. If you ain't born with it, at best, you're getting half way there.

Doutzen Kroes has got the genes, because you just don't see abs on moms with babies like that walking around, at least not these here parts, and trust me, I'm carrying groceries in for all the moms in the area, ever since I saw Hermie getting it on with Jennifer O'Neill in Summer of '42. But, I digress. From Doutzen Kroes and amazing bikini body, highlighted today in white short shorts and some killer everything else all over. It's got to be the genes. Enjoy.