Doutzen Kroes Bikini Booty Paddleboarding

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michael-garcia - July 26, 2016

Dutch professional sexy person Doutzen Kroes wore a revealing bikini while paddleboarding on vacation. Doutzen is in redonkulous shape. She's got some abs on her that your average male body builder could only with for. You could grate cheese on those abs. I don't see why you would want to waste precious time being allowed to touch Doutzen grating cheese on her, but you do you, man. Doutzen also has a nice set of pokies on her. They are neither too big or too small, they are just right. They are the ta-tas that Goldilocks would have chosen if she was a lesbian instead of a filthy porridge thief. Then there is Doutzen's shapely booty that you can see most of in that thong she's sporting. It makes me want to shoop, as Salt N Peppa used to say in the 90's. 

Dutch girls are so hot usually. That really is a marvelous country. It's crawling with hotties, there is legalized drugs and prostitution, and you can eat all the gouda you want. Maybe I'll move there. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet