Doomception: New Doom Modded Into Classic Doom

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chris-littlechild - May 26, 2016

  In the world of PC gaming, mods are a huge effing deal. In the world of PC gaming, Doom is also a huge effing deal. It only makes sense, then, that the two have collided many, many times. Dialling the game’s gore up a notch further with Brutal Doom, adding selfie sticks for the game’s unseen protagonist to use… modders have done just about everything to this iconic title over the years.

And so, with all the inevitability of raw, molten BS streaming forth whenever Kanye opens his mouth, it has happened. The spangly new Doom has been recreated in the old games.  

The new game, players will know, did quite a bit to shake up how the franchise works. One big thing is the new glory kill system, which lets you charge in and melee weakened enemies to death in flashy, disembowely, Mortal Kombat style. You sure as hell couldn’t do that in the 90s. But damn it, you wanted to. And now you can.

Kotaku brings us HorrorMovieGuy, who is working on adding this functionality to the original. WIP it may be, but seeing those phantom arms and legs delivering vicious killing blows is something I can sure get behind. Check it out below.

Then there’s Doom (4) for DooM. These guys have brought 2016 Doom’s weapons into the original, using some of the sexiest sprites you’ll ever see. The creativity of fans like these is just another reason why Doom will never die.



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