‘Doom’ Update Gets A Little Old School

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chris-littlechild - June 29, 2016

  If you’ve spent any time with the spangly new Doom lately, you’ll have noticed one thing: It doesn’t eff around. This is one of the most goretacular games of recent times, and we’d expect nothing less.

From the pounding soundtrack to the stray limbs and bloody hunks of flesh flying about every-damn-where, this is a hardcore experience. Doom has never been a series to mince words, natch, rather just mincing demon scrotes into spam, but this reboot dials everything up to eleven. What with those Mortal Kombat-esque skull-crushy melee finishers and all.

Still, that’s just what we sadistic bloodthirsty gamers want. If it’s still not enough for you, an update’s on its way to the game that will let us get a better look at the carnage therein in all its gory glory.

Yes indeed. As Kotaku reports, tomorrow marks the release of the first big Doom patch. It brings a photo mode, which allows you to pause the action and take screenshots whenever you darn well like. Artistic shots with limbs flying around amundo. The biggest deal here, though, is the added option to have your guns displayed in the center of the screen rather than off to the right. It sounds like nothing, but I’m sure old-school fans everywhere just lost bowel control at that.

Well, I did, at any rate. Hit the link for the full lowdown on the update.

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