‘Doom’ Release Date Confirmed; Now Let’s Have an Ogle At the Campaign

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bill-swift - February 6, 2016

Doom 4 has a whole freaking lot on its shoulders. Since the dicking-around-betwixt-guns-and-flashlight funtimes that was Doom 3, fans have been waiting half a decade for another demon-dustin' instalment. The pressure's on to deliver the goods.

This is 2016, grandpa. We have spangly new Xbox Ones and PS4s now. We want the biggest, badassiest slice of Doom the next generation of gaming can muster, and we'll bitch on Internet message boards for quite a while if we don't get it.

There's a fair amount of hype around the game, natch, what with the cache that the name carries and all. From the gameplay we've seen so far, it's certainly a hell of a thing to behold. It'll never get the universal approval of fans, because that'll only happen on the day that Bieber's music doesn't make me projectile vomit blood from my eyeballs, but generally it's all looking good. It's big, brash and super, super violent, and I sure want to get into it.

Yesterday, Bethesda at long last confirmed Doom's release date: May 13. Because a Friday the 13 is the perfect date to descend into Hell's anus.

To celebrate, the publisher released a new trailer. This time, we're getting our first good ogle at the campaign. Check it out: 

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