‘Doom’ At The Indianapolis 500, Because Why Not

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chris-littlechild - May 13, 2016

  Okay, Doom. Enough already. You’ve hyped and hyped ‘til we can be hyped no more. I can’t even think of any more snarky comments about the sheer quantity of trailers and such you’ve subjected us to, and that’s scary. Snark is my thing, snark is my middle name. Which is kinda nice, because it rhymes with Stark and makes me feel just a little bit like Iron Man.  

Anywho. As I’m sure you know, the game finally hits today. To mark the release with a bang, there’s just time for one big balls-out-nuts PR stunt. How’s this for a segue? Here comes one now.

Fans, of course, will associate Doom with lots of things. The rusty shriek of the doors opening. The unmistakable howls of everything from Imps to Cacodemons. That iconic scowling face on the HUD. What do we not associate with Doom? Indy 500 racing cars, that’s what.

Still, I’m sure this Doom-sponsored racecar makes perfect sense. As Game Spot reports, a logo-emblazoned car is racing at Angie's List Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway tomorrow. ‘After that, the No. 7 car, driven by Schmidt Peterson Motorsports' Mikhail Aleshin, will race in the Indianapolis 500 on May 29.’

"We couldn't imagine a more perfect sponsorship fit," Bethesda’s PR dude Pete Hines said. "Doom is all about pushing forward with incredible speed. We'll all be cheering on Mikhail and the Schmidt Peterson Motorsports team as we celebrate the game's launch."

This is such an awesomely not-half-assed-at-all idea, they’ve even mocked up a version of the Doom trailer featuring the vehicle itself. Check it out in all its pimped-out glory:

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