Don’t Be Scruffy, Be Spiffy: Beard Buddy Beard Wash

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bill-swift - October 25, 2013

If you're a bro with a beard, then you need the Beard Buddy Beard wash. Like most other parts of your body where hair naturally grows, you need to wash it and you need to wash it well. Otherwise, there's going to be all sorts of disgusting gunk growing in there that you'll only notice when your beard starts turning green. And by then, that's just nasty.

The beard wash is entirely vegan, in case you're particular about the stuff you use on your face. In the ingredients list are a bunch of essential oils and other organic stuff that promise to keep your whiskers free from grime while keeping your skin healthy. Beard Buddy is mixed in small batches by hand in Beard Buddy HQ at California, so you'll more or less get fresh product every time you order. Pretty sweet.

Get It: $14-$24

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