Don Cheadle Says Trump Dropped N Bomb

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jhanson - March 7, 2017

Don Cheadle doesn't have anything to prove and has very little reason to make shit up. He is vehemently anti-Trump, which whether or not you are a Trump supporter, is a completely respectable position. Cheadle was casually wasting his life and shooting the shit on Twitter when he relayed a story about Trump dropping an N bomb on the golf course, which is pretty much what golf courses were made for: 

"Hated him since he asked my friend’s father at a Doral pro-am if he’d ever ‘fucked a nigger." 

Cheadle then argued with people on Twitter all weekend which is unfortunate because he could have been boning a model. Although it has not been clarified, it appears he was not actually there to witness the incident, and was made aware of the story through his friend, a famous woman whose specific identity he doesn't want to divulge. It doesn't seem like she was there either, so Cheadle is getting the info from his friend who got it from her dad. If you know how rumors work, one minute a guy goes into the hospital for a few stitches, the next week he definitely has full blown AIDS. 

Whether or not this specific incident actually happened, we all know it has at some point. We don't know for a fact that Lena Dunham masturbates with a bowling ball or that Charlie Sheen has ever fisted a horse, but you can pretty much put it on the books. The odds that a guy like Trump has never dropped an N bomb are about the same as him never having paid for sex. Roughly zero. It does sound like he was trying to be funny, much like with the pussy grabbing banter. Nonetheless, if you're Don Cheadle or even just a caddie, you'd be justified in finding this troubling. Is it possible Trump just has a shitty sense of humor? Sure, but it's more likely he literally has no sense of humor.

If you care about your unidentified female friends dads, don't let them golf alone with The President.

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