Does “Miss Bumbum” Érika Canella Still Have The Best Butt In Brazil?

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earl-jonas - June 19, 2017

Last November Érika Canella was crowned Miss Bumbum Brazil, and we're here to check up on her Instagram pics to see how the junk in her trunk stacks up. Spoiler: It's stacked! Canella's butt makes appearances in practically all of her Insta pictures, or #belfies (butt selfies) as they say in the biz.

A total of 17 million people chose Canella's butt above all others as being the most bootylicious in all of Brazil, and now it's your turn to decide if this curvy goddess is still worthy of her title. We'll have to wait until next November to see who her predecessor is, and trust us, we'll be posting the future queen's hottest pictures as well. Hey, it's our job.  


Photo Credit: Instagram