‘Doctor Who’ Prequel Is Light on Karen Gillan But Heavy on Mystery (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 26, 2013

This coming weekend is a fanboy's wet dream. Seriously, if someone even breathes on me at the right moment I'll proably let one go in my pants. We have the season premiere of Game of Thrones, the final(?) showdown between Rick and the Guv in the season finale of The Walking Dead and of course...Doctor Who finally returns with new episode, 'The Bells of Saint John."

But you don't have to wait until Saturday night to get a glimpse into the episode, as Who showrunner Stephen Moffat has written a prequel short to go along with it. It's only a few minutes long but sets up pretty much what the episode and ensuing half-season are going to be about. "Saint John" is also the first "official" episode with Jenna-Louise Coleman as new companion, Clara. The character is, quite frankly, coming off as a bit of an Amy Pond-lite, and this prequel episode will only draw more comparisons, but knowing Moffat, the man's got a few tricks up his sleeve. 

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