Do Try This At Home: Super Mario Shaved Into the Back of Kid’s Head

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bill-swift - June 28, 2013

The fun part about being a parent is if you get to take on the role of the 'cool' parent. Lemme explain. In every set of parents, there's the 'bad guy' parent and there's the 'cool' parent. The 'bad' parent is in charge of all sorts of boring stuff, like disciplining the kids, making them take baths, and forcing them to eat their greens.

The 'cool' parent, however, takes over during playtime and basically does all sorts of fun things with the kids. Like take them to a barber and have him shave Super Mario into the back of the kid's head.

It's an awesome 'do and no doubt this kid will be the talk of the second grade when they see him whip his cap off.

Does it make you a bad person if this is one of the reasons why you're looking forward to having a kid of your own? The answer is no. A big N-O.

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