DMC – Devil May Cry is Tougher Than Leather in gamescom Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 15, 2012

That should be the only Run-DMC related joke about DMC - Devil May Cry you see in this space today. But with a name that confusing, this is at title that should take whatever attention it can get. For those of you wondering why Devil May Cry's Dante looks so different --even if he still slashes, slices and dices like always-- you'll have to stay tuned for more of an explanation from Capcom. They sort of made it through the E3 reveal for DMC by overwhelming folks with new sights and sounds to behold. Now as the prospect of a more "contemporary" hero sinks in, folks will likely be taking a second look at this entry into the crowded action game space.

See if you can figure out why the world is upside down in this clip.

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