Dita Von Teese Plunging Cleavage In Paris

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bill-swift - March 16, 2016

I'd like to give Dita Von Teese more love. Personally, professionally, visually, physically. A few other ways I can't mention because there are children present. On your end. Dita is perhaps the only stripper in the world to whom I give deference for never going in less than tassels. I don't condone the practice certainly, but Dita is an artist who I respect and want to motorboat very badly on her sweet tender victuals. 

Dita showed off some of her perfect teat goodness in Paris promoting her new show. It's burlesque which means stripping but not as exciting. It's old school and there's something to be said for tradition. Not to mention wicked hot brunettes who have spent twenty years perfecting the art of the tease. Her last name alone says it all. Her stellar body and cleavage speak the rest. On with the show! Yes, I'm watching Internet porn during the slow parts. That seems reasonable. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet