Disney Rips Itself Off for Live-Action Updates of Its Own Animated Movies

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bill-swift - March 13, 2013

Did you see Beastly? No, neither did I. I guess it was supposed to be like the Twilight version of Beauty and the Beast and had Vanessa Hudgens as some girl who finds a guy who is kind of ugly, who thankfully turns handsome later on. Phew, that was close! There's even a Beauty and the Beast TV series with Kristin Kreukon right now that no one watches either. So despite the fact that no one seems to be that into a retelling of the Disney classic, Disney disagrees, which is why they're kickstarting that franchise back up with a live-action version called The Beast.

Live-action updates of animations are tricky. Sometimes you hedge your bets by keeping the animal characters as CGI chipmunks or talking dogs and cast someone whose career is on the downside to play their actual human guardian (No Jason Lee and Tom Cavanagh, your careers are doing just fine). But when looking back at full-on live-action remakes (which you can see in the gallery above), you'll find that they tend to...Well, typically they're God awful. Some things should just be left--to give a sadly antiquated comparison--as ink on a page.

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