Disney Machine Starlet Bella Thorne Decked Out for the 49ers (It Didn’t Quite Work)

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bill-swift - February 5, 2013

As a rule, I don't like to openly root for any sports team, I mean, other than the one holding my financial future in the palm of their gloved hands. Not that I don't have favorite teams, but something inside of me tells me that rooting openly for my team will cause Fate to come and crush the spines of my brethren, so I eschew the open wearing of team gear, let alone face paint. Not so Disney machine teen starlet Bella Thorne, who trotted out her 49ers gear pre-Super Bowl, and, wouldn't you know, despite a valiant near epic comeback, she was smote with the fate of a forever loss.

Now, as for me, I'm crying in the streets this post-Super Bowl Monday. As for Bella Thorne, I'm guessing she's private jetting with her boyfriend off on some romantic underaged holiday. We come from two different worlds.

Congratulations today to Baltimore Ravens fans. Enjoy.

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