Disney Girl Kira Kosarin Wearing Just A Bra At The Farmers Market

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rusty-mattis - December 19, 2018

You know, I really do enjoy a good farmer's market. Nothing like getting fruits and veggies straight from the source. It kind of makes me think of the old days, how we used to do things, and I always end up making something really great for dinner. The key to making sure you have a good experience at the farmer's market is take cash so you don't over spend and try to go when Kira Kosarin wears a bra to one.

Now, I gotta tell you, I don't know if Kira Kosarin is wearing just a bra or some kind of top meant to look like a bra. I've been studying these Kira Kosarin bra/not bra pics for damn near an hour and I got nothing. I can't tell you what she's wearing, other than to say it's really sexy. If it's a bra, then I applaud Kira Kosarin for making a big splash at the farmer's market. I'm sure all the farmers really appreciate her showing off her sexiness among their crops. If it's a top, well, I bet everyone is still pretty happy about Kira Kosarin's outfit for looking a carrots.

That's another great thing about farmer's markets, they're outside. So when Kira Kosarin wants to just wear a bra it's not like they can kick her out for not wearing a shirt. Kira Kosarin can wear whatever she wants while picking out cucumbers.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA