Dishonored Adds Princess Leia and Annie from Bull Durham to All Star Cast

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bill-swift - August 4, 2012

Immediately after reading that 5-time Academy Award nominee and 1-time Academy Award winner, Susan Sarandon, will be doing voiceover work for highly anticipated Dishonored, we began wracking our brains trying to sort out what movie gave Sarandon that trophy. It's one of the questions that I just want somebody to answer for me. I can't bring myself to put any effort towards this end. Won't even do a Google or IMDB search. The answer is just going to have to appear before my eyes.

Anyway, the insane gun nut from Blues Brothers, Carrie Fisher, is also doing voice work in Dishonored, the tale of a framed man named Corvo who's endowed with perfect assassin powers. Fisher has been in other films throughout her career but nothing to rival her performance in Blues Brothers that had her unsuccessfully attempting to assassinate John Belushi and Dan Akroyd's characters. Maybe Fisher can share some of her assassination tips with Corvo or something. Anyway here's the list of voice talent and their characters from Dishonored.

Susan Sarandon - Granny Rags

Brad Dourif - Piero

Carrie Fisher - Propaganda Broadcast Voice

John Slattery - Admiral Havelock

Michael Madsen - Daud

Chloe Grace Moretz - Young Lady Emily

Lena Headey - Calista

Now you know more about Dishonored but not enough right? Keep it here for more on Dishonored and hit us on Facebook if you know what role lead to Susan Sarandon's Oscar win.

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