“Die Hard” With Cats

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bill-swift - November 5, 2014

I'll admit that when the Grumpy Cat meme first started I enjoyed it. Tard's face is funny and I like cats as much as the next crazy cat man. But come on already. I saw Grumpy Cat's face on a bank ad the other day. There are Grumpy Cat dolls, calendars, and God knows what else. There is even a Grumpy Cat movie in the works. Luckily, it's not this one. Someone took time out of their lives to create this video that mashes up cats, particularly Grumpy Cat, with scenes from the original Die Hard. Let's just agree that this is it, OK. No more Grumpy Cat videos for a while. Leave that poor kitty alone. She probably just wants to sleep and lick her butt like any other cat. You have to wonder if Tard gets any of the money from all of this or if her greedy owners just pocket everything? Does she at least get some extra Whiska Lickins?

Either way the video is kinda cute. Let's just hope no crappy studio exec gets any ideas.

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