Did Nobody Else See The Arrow Pointing Down on Victoria Justice’s Dress?

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bill-swift - March 5, 2013

Sure, Freud might call this wishful thinking, or something more profound along those lines, but am I the only one seeing hot now 20-year old Victoria Justice with an arrow on her fancy frock pointing right to the source of her heavenly goodness?

Shit, maybe I am. But now you are too, admit it. It's not that we oglers don't have a predilection for staring toward those yonder parts regardless, but with the arrow on the dress Victoria wore out over the weekend to her 20th birthday party celebration literally marking the ultimate X on the Victoria Justice treasure map, well I keep thinking Victoria must be sending some kind of signal here. Maybe that signal is 'you wish, but you'll never have', but in my mind it's already happened twice or thrice, so this could prove to be a battle of the naughty wills. Enjoy.

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