did a Justin Bieber fan punch Selena Gomez?

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editor - March 4, 2011

Justin Bieber turned 17 on Tuesday (almost legal!) and he and his girlfriend Selena Gomez had dinner at Maggiano's at The Grove. On their way out, many have reported that a female Bieber fan punched Selena in the face, presumably while tears and mascara ran down her face and hysterically screaming "I'll kill you, you whore".

Her press agent officially denied that claim today, but clearly something happened. She hid her face all the way to the car, she appears to be crying and her lip is swollen and maybe even cut.

The truth is obviously that Justin hit her. He does it for pleasure. He also demeans her by calling her racist names and makes her dance for his friends and then offers her to them. The facts are all here, pictures don't lie.

(image source = pacific coast)