Diane Kruger Kicks Off Cannes With Red Carpet Hotness

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bill-swift - May 17, 2012

I like Diane Kruger.

She's the perfect sort of international film starlet that works on any red carpet on any film festival in the world, and just looks all kinds of hot without looking like she's trying to hard. She seems kind of wild without being high maintenance, intelligent without being too snooty. In short, yes, I'd allow myself to be physically assaulted by her for hours on end.

The Cannes Film Festival is kicking off this week which means a bunch of super self-important snobby types will talk about film as an art form that the masses don't quite understand, mock all the films we tend to love, and award prizes to films about a man who spends twenty years searching for his lost loafer during some country's revolutionary era. And that's all well and good and important I'm sure, but far more important are the super sextastic celebrities who will soon be lighting up the red carpets across the city in the coming days. And Diane Kruger is a sweet way to kick things off. Enjoy.