Diana Falzone Is One Hot Mess; Fanboys Listen Up

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bill-swift - October 14, 2010

Our good friend and Fox News corresponding hottie, Diana Falzone, just released her Hot Mess comic in time for Comic-Con 2010 in New York City and to celebrate, we're posting a couple new sexy pictures of Diana from the deliciously titled, American Curves Magazine. Now, I don't know how many comic book creators you've met in your life, but Stan Lee never looked so good in spandex. Trust me, I've seen him on the Stairmaster at the gym.

I'm sensing that there's a lot of 20-somethings living in their parents basement about to start putting Diana Falzone on their computerized list of imaginary girlfriends. And, rightfully so. She's been on my imaginary list for some time now. Check out Hot Mess and enjoy.

Photo credit: American Curves Magazine / Paul Buceta