Devon Windsor Slender Hotness in Red Bikini

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bill-swift - May 2, 2017

Devon Windsor joined the chorus of American models taken to the beach in Miami to remind everybody that even the au natural girls got it going on bikini style. Perhaps not as much as the stacked girls, but somebody needs to stick up for the slender gals showing off in the two pieces. And Devon Windsor is just the sextastic sweetheart to do it.

Devon strikes a St. Louise lean blonde girl figure, a standout among the local denizen of often more obvious and curvaceous hawkers of their fine female forms. Everybody likes something different. That's what makes this merry-go-round of millions of unique looking alluring women so fascinating to ride. Would I give Devon a sandwich. Heck, I'd let her use my Subway frequent diner card if we were to have some agreement as to the nature of our naked pin the tail on Bill party later in the evening. I'm big on loyalty programs. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News