Design Changes Coming to Egotastic! Don’t Wet Yourself, Unless You Like That Kind of Thing

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bill-swift - December 18, 2012

We've been around for a few years now, and while we are the kind of guys who still have the same posters up on our wall since high school (love ya, cast of 7th Heaven), we know that you are a tad bit more progressive and we can't keep using the same damn blog roll we've had since our founding days.

So, we're upgrading. It's nothing crazy dramatic, but it will be more of a magazine style format that will let you pick and choose content easily as opposed to having to scroll through the blog roll story by story, and also provide you many more stories on the first homepage itself, so you don't have to click through multiple pages to see tons of daily fresh content.

At the same time, in phases, we'll be rolling out navigation upgrades. Some you may have seen already, like the ability to 'slide' through photos in the photo galleries now with your left or right arrow keys without the page reloading for each photo (much faster!). In the next month we'll also have a 'responsive' site for mobile and tablets that will automatically scale the website for you depending on the width of the browser you're using, and we'll be adding a dedicated video page that will allow you to view videos in a wide screen format with related video options. And, there's more, but until I can afford to pay the bills for the rest of it, I don't want to jinx it.

What will not be changing? While we are constantly adding content, there will be ZERO reduction in the number of hot sextastic and showy photos of your favorite female celebrities you know and love. Egotastic! will remain the only uncensored celebrity entertainment site on the web. The celebrity boobies will never go away!  

Over the next few days, maybe a week or so, we'll be testing out the new homepage design on a certain percentage of visitors. You may or may not see the new homepage. If you do, and you have strong feelings one way or another, good or bad, erect or nauseous sobs, please send us your thoughts to 'DESIGN FEEDBACK' under the Contact Us form. The more constructive the comments the more it helps our team of pasty-white socially awkward nerds in finding solutions. Thanks.

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