Denver Nugget Jordan Hamilton Throws Down After Most of the Crowd Left

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michael-garcia - November 27, 2012

Mop-up time in the NBA can be rough. Things get a little out of control, guys who might not get a lot of minutes are trying to do what they can in their rare appearances, and most of the fans have left because the game is out of hand.

That's what happened last night in Denver for second year man Jordan Hamilton. Hamilton had one of the highlights of the night, but his nice alley-oop also happened to be the Nuggets' final points in a 18 point win over New Orleans. Hamilton calls for the pass with finger to the sky and delivers a one handed jam...but look at the arena. Hardly anyone stuck around to see it, but thanks to the internet, some people who left early might be kicking themselves for not seeing this in person.

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