Demi Rose’s Faptastic Cleavage To Start Your Weekend

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aldo-vallon - May 11, 2018

I wish that I could forget that Demi Rose exists just so that I could experience the joy of discovering her again. I suppose that is one benefit to having Alzheimer’s that no one likes to talk about. People are always telling me to be more optimistic, but then when it comes to horrible afflictions like Alzheimer’s and cancer suddenly I am being callous when I try to look at the bright side.

I am just saying that if I were to have a short term memory that reset after 24 hours, I bet my overall level of happiness would be higher. Think about it. Every single day you could rediscover that a woman exists that is put together the way that Demi is.

I actually avoid watching any video clips of her with the sound on because I am worried that she is going to ruin what I already think of her. It is the same reason that I avoid watching music videos that my friends do not personally vouch for. I do not want to be stuck with whatever nonsense images the record company makes the band put to music. I cannot afford another “Rock Me Tonite” incident.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA / Instagram