Demi Rose Looks Fantastic In This See-Through Gown

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aldo-vallon - November 10, 2017

 I assume whenever Demi Rose arrives at a party she gets one of those slow motion entrances we normally only see in 90's teen movies. It is probably best that she moves in slow motion where ever she goes in that dress because with how low cut it is her boobs are practically dancing with the devil. If she performs a twirl at normal speed those funbags are going to slip out of that dress and whip around her body like the swing ride at a carnival. That is what I would call making an entrance, but I have a feeling it is not the kind of career boost Demi would like at this moment in time. My recommendation to her is that she keep that move in her back pocket for if her career ever hits a slump. It is not like her boobs are going anywhere and people will always be overjoyed to have a look at them. She just needs to make sure that as many eyes and cameras are trained on her as are available. This is the kind of move that people will only pay attention to once.   

Photo Credit: Splash News

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