Demi Rose Finishes the Year with the Finest of Funbags

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bill-swift - December 22, 2017


After almost ten years you know I'm not a big fan of superlatives. The best of is fine for lazy magazines looking to sell clicks, but the true Egotastic fan knows that there are a thousand best of in any category, and it's entirely subjective to the gentleman ogler in question. Nevertheless, it's not as if I lack personal preference. Therefore, I would like to give a special nod and a flag at full staff mention to the faptastic funbags of Demi Rose.

Demi perhaps capped her year long evening out with mams out exhibitionist 2017 with this revealing aqua colored number with wide open top and naturally no underthings. Nothing to keep eyeballs from special happy motorboating dreams of this British model and her two plump friends on full display. Now that's a dress, and that's a curvaceous young woman on the make. Demi, we salute you, and you and you there on the left. Wow, what a season to be jolly. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram 

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