Demi Moore Bikini Pictures Covered In Mud and Crazy Down Mexico Way

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bill-swift - January 16, 2013

The more I read reports in gossipy girl magazines about how 'great a place' Demi Moore is in these days, the more I know she's still struggling. Those magazines only get access to celebrities when they promise to print sweetheart happy stories, and the publicity machines around those celebrities only give out that access when they're trying to cover something up, ergo, Demi Moore is in a bit of pickle of some kind these days. And if you weren't quite sure, you could always check out her mud-covered bikini pictures from down Mexico way, where Demi spent the holidays chanting and meditating and covering herself in wet earth for a primitive ritual perhaps designed to cleanse the body of Whip-It gas or similar.

Nevertheless, we still root hard for Demi, and how can you not for a veteran hottie who still looks better in a bikini than any of the much younger girl in her mud bath circle. Sometimes, hotness is all a woman has to cling to as she slips closer and closer into shopping cart lady status. But hotness is always better than nothing. Enjoy.