Demi Lovato Looks Suspiciously Like Someone Who Isn’t A Heroin Addict In First Post-Rehab Pic

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Sam Robeson - September 24, 2018


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You all get your manties into a wad whenever we merely suggest that Demi Lovato faked her alleged heroin overdose to boost sales of her single Sober, but this new pic from TMZ - the first image of Lovato snapped since she was admitted into rehab after her Hollywood Hills overdose in July - is pretty damning. Picture a heroin addict. So Mischa Barton. Now look at this pic of Lovato. Do we really need to play Spot the Difference?

The basically bitchy Lovato looks like her biggest worry in life is what caption to pair with her seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte Instagram selfie. And that would be "People of the world, Spice up your Latte." Not which brand of makeup is best at concealing track marks. According to TMZ, Lovato was recently relocated from her East Coast rehab facility to one closer to her home on the West Coast. This pic was snapped during Lovato's free day. Interesting how people not addicted to heroin like to spend their free day kicking it in a parking lot with a random woman holding a dog. And interesting how people addicted to heroin like to spend their free days not doing this. Just presenting the facts. Do with them what you wish.

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