Demi Lovato Cleavy Bare Midriff Hotness for the L.A. Evening Scene

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bill-swift - July 11, 2015

Demo Lovato has looked good of late. Not that she didn't look good before, but this is a new kind of good. All grow'd up into an alluring woman kind of good. Put away your troubles of the past and focus on the future of being a hottie superstar kind of good. There's no doubt that a solid portion of the sextastic beams from within. You need to feel good to look good, at least, it helps a whole lot.

Demi has been hitting the evening circuit of late, last night in L.A. flashing some cleavage and a mature bit of passion inducement that is more and more becoming her staple. Not sure if she's sticking to her silly pop music, but I would take a guess at some point soon we'll see her in more complicated, hopefully less dressed dramatic roles in film and television. She's a talent. A talent with a killer body and some sultry good looks. It was just a matter of finding the key. I think it's in my pocket. No, seriously, Demi, dig around a bit, I bet you find it. C'mon, there's no need for name calling. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: INF/Splash