Demi Lovato Finally Breaks Her Social Media Silence

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aldo-vallon - November 7, 2018

I can’t think of a more admirable cause to use social media for than to inspire others to vote. So many seem to be indifferent, which is a real bummer. But if a popstar can get those impressionable minds to alter the course of our nation I am sure we will start heading in the right direction.

Demi might have been more affective had she doffed that jean jacket and made a snap of herself filling in the ballet by sticking the pen between her cleavage. That is just my suggestion as a starting off point, she can feel free to let her creative juices flow and use any number of body parts in any number of ways. Perhaps she is saving that sort of shenanigan for a bigger election, like the next season of American Idol.

It was smart of her to have only posted a pic at the poll, and not made a last minute endorsement. Who knows what that could do to sway the election. It could even cause a cascade of contrarian votes to push the election in the opposite direction. I’m just saying, she’s probably made as many enemies as she has fans.



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Photo Credit: Instagram