Demi Lovato Blue Bikini Butt Tanning In Miami

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bill-swift - July 1, 2016

Earlier we saw sextastic pop diva Demi Lovato all kinds of almost naked in staged photos for her new music release. Most excellent. Even more excellent in my list of hot things is seeing Demi quite candidly adjusting her bikini in Miami for the perfect amount of asstastic tanning. I mean, Demi looks hot in both venues, but when I imagine the future quick but fulfilling for me sextastic affair we are to have, I imagine it beginning with me helping Demi rub sunscreen into her more tender potential burn areas and proceeding from there until they kick us out of our cabana for disturbing the other guests. 

Demi was taking a break in Miami from her music and promotional your to let Mother Sun slap her hiney and hot body ever so nicely. Demi isn't typically though of as a bathing suit show off or regular, but when she gets down to the business of some poolside relaxation beneath the sun time, she sure does crank an entire pool area number of gandering necks. Rightfully so. Just look at those sweet cheeks. I am now officially jealous of the sun. I might need help. Demi, pull me to your bosom and tell me nothing's off limits. I just cried from a dream. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet