Demi Lovato Bikini Pictures Kick the Brazilian Beach Heat Up a Couple Bouncy Notches

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bill-swift - April 20, 2012

Oh, Demi Lovato, how you slay me.

The pop diva has returned to truly ogle-worthy form in the form of a sextastic bikini princess down on the beach in Rio, where I someday hope to be living under an umbrella sipping rum and using my binoculars to get optically closer to the sweet boobtastic and hot bikini bodies of girls exactly like Demi Lovato. I must admit, when I saw Demi grabbing her own flesh puppies on the beach, I already purchased my umbrella and I'm on hold for plane tickets to Brazil (I'm also considering stowing away on a boat, cheaper prices, natch).

Demi Lovato has come full circle and then some in her hotness, from pudgy cute teen to troubled girl and right round back to a right round passion inducing body. It's all so very good. Enjoy.