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aldo-vallon - October 8, 2017

 As far as I know, Jessica Alba is still alive and well, so how is it possible that she could already be reincarnated in this body? Has the human race done something so great that we are deserving of having two women that are this beautiful on the Earth at the same time? Come to think of it, I have never seen Delilah Hamlin and Jessica in the same room at the same time. How feasible is it that they are actually the same people? Maybe Jessica has been looking to reinvent herself so she created the alter ego of Delilah. She gave herself some celebrity parents that were eager to get back in the headlines, then gave herself some of those miracle youth rejuvenators I always see over the hill actresses shlepping. This is all seeming more plausible by the minute. Maybe I need to make an anonymous tip to TMZ, I could probably get a pretty little sum of money out of it if this turns out to be true. And if it turns out not to be then I could just give it to one of the less reputable tabloids. This would probably be an easier sell than getting people to believe some starlet is having an alien baby.  


Photo Credit: Grazia