Delicious Bikini Curves With Ellie Jones To Start Your Week

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elliot-wolf - August 14, 2018

That huge crater in the Earth in Arizona may be millions of years older than Ellie Jones, but even with the head start, it still didn’t manage to carve better curves than the ones found on her body. Giving her the name Grand Ellie would be a disservice since her shape is, without doubt, way more perfected than the Grand Canyon. She will be known as Superb Curve Ellie. If I had to choose between seeing her or the horseshoe bend, I would definitely make it a priority to put her at least several spots higher on my bucket list. Looking at her body beats staring at a huge hole in the ground. Because I can easily dig a hole at home and admire the fact that I made it myself. She’s a walking attraction. They should sell t-shirts and other merchandise wherever she stays put for longer than ten minutes.

I know they have all sorts of challenges on the internet these days. An #EllieJoneschallenge would be nice. We could all race to see who finds the best pictures of Ellie. So far these pictures are in the lead. It’s a challenge trying to look away because Ellie is just so mesmerizing.

Photo Credit: MEGA