Deion Sanders Comes Up With the Best Mascot Ever

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bill-swift - August 17, 2012

Deion Sanders was one of the greatest cover corners to ever play the game. Ever a showboat and an entertainer, Sanders knew how to dazzle fans in ways that few have ever been able to. He was the kind of guy that you hated when he played against your team, but you loved him when he was on yours.

Now he wants to be known as one of the greatest educators. As a way of giving back, he is opening the Prime Prep Academy, a pair of charter school for kids in Fort Worth (elementary age) and Dallas (middle/high school).

The school is going to be impressive. All the kids that get to attend will be able to receive an education that will prepare them for the technology-centered world that we live in.

Sanders is going to be the co-head football coach along with a pair of former Dallas Cowboys, Kevin Mathis and George Hegamin. The school's first football season is also being taped and will air as a reality show focused on him coaching the team.

Of course no school that Deion Sanders is involved would be without a little flash; something that says "Prime Time" was here. To get it, all you have to do is check out the mascot for the school's football team:

Our mascot is winning … we don't care about mascots…Our kids are going to look good and preferably they're going to perform good. But the best thing about it is they're going to be educated.

The Prime Prep Winning; somewhere Charlie Sheen is smiling.

(Watch Deion turn into Prime Time!)

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