Deimante Guobyte Bikini Pictures Back With a Sextastic Vengeance (And With A Bikini Buddy)

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bill-swift - March 13, 2014

Even hot girls need bikini buddies. Those daring female friends willing to hang out with their international hot model pals even knowing the competition in the immediate vicinity just became intense.

Lithuanian hottie Deimante Guobyte, she of the funny name but the not so funny ridiculously hot body, made her way back onto Miami Beach to strut and preen and show off her tremendous all over sides. And she brought along a friend, just to make things a little spicier in our imaginations in the least. She's quite a giver. That booty of hers along is giving me the warmest of chills. Damn, how she does move me. Guobyte! Enjoy.