Decision 2012 — Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow?

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bill-swift - November 1, 2012

For a couple of weeks it actually appeared as if we could stop talking about whether New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan needed to bench Mark Sanchez for Tim Tebow. After a tumultuous start to the season, Sanchez appeared to have his act together after registering solid performances against Houston, Indianapolis, and New England.

Then came Week 8 and a visit from the Miami Dolphins and all heck has broken loose once again.

Sanchez struggled to get much going against the Dolphins defense throughout the game. The team only had 27 yards in six first half drives before going on a 70-yard march to end the half that resulted in a blocked field goal. In the second half they were marginally better, but did little with the offense that was generated losing 30-9 in the end.

To be fair, Sanchez wasn't the only one that had a poor game, but he seems to take the brunt of the blame  each time the Jets have a poor game. As the leader of the offense (and the team) the unit will go as he goes. When he can barely complete 50 percent of his passes (28-54; 51.9 percent) that doesn't bode well.

For obvious reasons the Jets fan base is not happy. Just to make sure that he knew how displeased the fans were with him there were a few "Tebow! Tebow!" chants.

As bad as the four-year quarterback has played it is a mystery that Rex Ryan has yet to give Tim Tebow--or even Greg McElroy--a chance. McElroy looked good during the preseason and Tebow, as unorthodox as he is, has managed to pull games out; especially ones that appear to be lost. His stat line may be less than desirable, but he gets the thing that matters most--a win.

Yet, for some reason Ryan insists on continuing to put the fate of the team in the hands of Mark Sanchez.

"If it was one guy, I think it's easy to say we'd make that change.  But I think Mark gives us the best chance to win.  That's how I feel.  Can Tim be successful?  Yeah, absolutely.  We'll look at that as well.  But in my opinion, Mark as the starting quarterback gives my football team the best chance to win."

Loyalty to his starting quarterback is admirable, but winning games would be even better. Even though he has expressed confidence in his job security, Ryan knows how demanding New York fans can be. Should the Jets continue to slide it would not be shocking if the Jets were to let Ryan go

In honor of the up coming election day, perhaps Ryan can be convinced to let the people speak and to act accordingly. The good people at SB Nation have already come up with a campaign ad:

It is change, but is it change we can believe in?

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