Debut Trailer for ‘Detective Pikachu’ Will Have You Scratching Your Head (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - November 12, 2018


Did you ever wonder what Pikachu would be like if he were a photoreal creation with Ryan Reynolds' snarky ass voice? Well, Detective Pikachu just might be the movie for you.

Like Power Rangers before it, the Pokémon craze escaped me entirely, but there was a section of the population that adored this thing, so I guess they've got a movie of their own now. It looks terrible, but whatever, it's not for me, right? I didn't eget into Pokémon Go, either, even when Hillary Clinton told me to Pokémon Go to the polls.

But objectively, this movie looks terrible. It's literally nothing you haven't seen before in other, better movies but this time in the world of Pokémon. I lost serious street cred at a convention one time when I didn't know what this character's name was and referred to the gentleman dressed as him as "Pokémon guy." I may as well have told him to live long and prosper with the reaction I received...

I'll never not know that guy's name is Ash now. Thanks nerds.

Anyway, this Pokémon thing looks ridiculous, but I'm sure that Pokémon nerds are gonna go nuts over it. Or maybe not, who knows. It's coming out a week after Avengers 4 so it'll be gone too soon for anyone to care.

Detective Pikachu rolls into theaters on my fortieth birthday, May 11, 2019. Let's have a party and not go see it.