Debby Ryan and Georgia Fowler Sexing Up Paris Fashion Week

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Mitch Jablonski - October 4, 2019

Paris Fashion Week is winding down but that doesn't mean we've seen all there is from the hottest celebrities attending the event. This time we've got former Disney girl Debby Ryan and New Zealand-born Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler looking sexy in casual evening wear as they hit up the Karl Lagerfeld something or other.

Who knows with fashion week, there are so many events and parties and runway shows, it's hard to keep track of it all, but it's easy to see why Debby Ryan and Georgia Fowler were the center of attention on this particular night. Debby's not showing much in the way of cleavage, which is disappointing because she's got an absolutely incredible pair of breasts, but just seeing her looking sexy is enough for now.

Georgia Fowler is no slouch herself, strutting her stuff and showing off some cleavage thanks to the strange neckline on her dress. All in all it was quite a Paris Fashion Week this year, but there's bound to be another fashion week in another city next week. If there's anything this job has taught me, it's that it's always fashion week somewhere. It's also taught me that not every fashion week features babes as sexy as Debby Ryan and Georgia Fowler!

All photos courtesy of Mega Agency


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