Death By Boobies: Smothered Senseless and Other Crazy Tales of Near-Boob Experiences

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bill-swift - January 27, 2013

Death by boobies. The more complete cause of death would be death from asphyxiation due to boobies, but you the picture. It's probably the method of choice most guys would go for; I mean, everyone's going to die anyway. Why not go in the best position ever and be smothered with your two favorite things in the world, right? Right.

Kidding aside, it's the end that a 51-year-old dude met when his girlfriend Donna Lange flattened his face with her chest and smothered him to death.

Obviously and contrary to what you might think, it's far from a dream come true. Lange apparently lived with her boyfriend and two other girls in a mobile home, and when it happened, they were all wasted. By the time medics got to the scene, Lange was found on top of her boyfriend and he was already dead.

Crazy, I know. It might've been completely unintentional since they were all piss drunk, but there had been reports that the couple had been fighting as of late. Of course, Lange denied the whole thing but it's not looking too good for her and her jugs. Donna's not the only who came up with the idea to use the best part of the female body to snuff out unwanted lovers and get rid of bad boyfriends, since we have a whole gallery full of other crazy chicks who attempted to do the same thing.

That, and the fact that we just wanted an excuse to publish a whole gallery of gargantuan boobies!

PS. The boobtastic ladies in the gallery have nothing to do with the stories. In fact, the third picture is of Busty Heart, who you might recognize from Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator that was released last year.

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