Deadpool Shows Up In His Own Honest Trailer

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michael-garcia - May 12, 2016

One of the things that Deadpool did really well was be both self-referential and break the fourth wall. If done badly these things can come off as annoying and gimmicky. But somehow they managed to walk the fine line between wanky and funny. Deadpool is aware that he's a superhero in a story and that all the Marvel characters that seem oblivious to that fact are also. It's, like, meta, man. One of my favorite internet things is the video series Honest Trailers. Some of them are hit-or-miss, but when they get it right it is amazing. Not only do they get it right here with Deadpool, he also appears in the video. I don't know how they talked Ryan Reynolds into coming in to do a webseries. I guess he just likes pretending to be Deadpool. He can't have been paid much. Maybe a foot rub and some Arby's coupons. 

You have to be doing something right if you are the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. I look forward to Deadpool 2 and hope they don't mess it up. 

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