The New “Deadpool” Red Band Trailer Looks BAD ASS

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bill-swift - August 6, 2015

There has always been an internal war going on in the hearts of Americans over whether DC or Marvel has better characters. While I love Batman and other DC characters, their main problem is that they take themselves way too seriously. No humor at all. The funniest guy in the DC universe is The Joker and he is a psychopath. But Marvel takes things a little less seriously, especially when it comes to the character of Deadpool. In this new red band trailer for the upcoming Deadpool movie we get a heavy dose of this humor along with some seriously amazing violence and just a hint of sex. Ryan Reynolds is a good choice to play Deadpool because he can be both funny and a bad ass. Let's hope that they let him do his thing in ways that the makers of that crappy Green Lantern movie didn't. 

The last shot he takes to take out three guys at once is particularly amazing. "I'm going to touch myself tonight." Classic. 

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