Deadpool Introduces Himself to Yourself

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bill-swift - August 16, 2012

It can be difficult to decipher what a video game is about when the facts are delivered by the video game character in question. Deadpool will be a third person action game loaded with guns blades and what we expect to be an explosive amount of fun.

Like all great marvel characters, Deadpool acknowledges that his adventures are captured and related by comic book writers to the masses and it seems this concept can be extended to video games. With constant references to boobs, babes and tacos, this game should certainly grab an M-rating.....mostly for the tacos. If this game comes off as well and true to the Deadpool character as his introduction to the world (at Comic Con, now less) then Activision may have stumbled onto another hit property that they can ruin over the next three years.

Here's a sampling of Deadpool's fact sheet as written by Deadpool:

  • You Get to Play ME – DEADPOOLBored after years of stealing the show as part of an ensemble cast, I'm finally delivering what all my loyal fans have asked for – nay, DEMANDED – an entire video game featuring me and what I want to do…or what I want you to do to me…no, wait, as me.  That includes appearances by some of my X-MEN friends  - Not ‘cuz I need help (I don't), but ‘cuz Marvel paid me to (wink).  I might have made a few changes so you see things like I do. (You can thank me later, Psylocke.)

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