Dead Space 3 Scares You in a Foreign Language This Time (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 3, 2013

We like to think of ourselves as multicultural here at Egotastic World Headquarters. We have our Russian prison-inspired working conditions (no cigarettes and no borscht on Fridays) and our mandatory Scottish Casual Fridays to keep everybody both happy and off balance during the work week. So with that in mind, we were all over this French language trailer for the upcoming Dead Space 3. It's still a kind of "previously on Dead Space" approach, but with the voiceover those nasty necromorphs seem 18% less scary. The French words for "snarling critters with fleshy flailing limbs" sound an awful lot like my order for coffee at our local overpriced, hipster coffee spot. Delicious.

Have a look at Dead Space 3 in French, if you please.

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