Dead Space 3 Helps Us Catch Up on The Story So Far (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - December 27, 2012

You can call this video clip "previously on Dead Space" because it takes us through the sprawling Dead Space story that has unfolded over previous games as a way of setting up the forthcoming Dead Space 3. Isaac Clarke is still the man with that alien energy structure technology burned into his mind but this time he's joined by a hardened fighter named John Carver as a way of introducing a fresh character to the game's co-operative campaign mode.

Between co-op (which includes unique paths, tactics and options along with "drop in, drop out" functionality) and the weapons manufacturing (we're all going to turn into deep space versions of "Q" with this feature) there's a lot to like about Dead Space 3's potential. The series that started out as an original deep space survival horror shooter --where taking particular aim at an enemy's limbs and body parts was a crucial part of gameplay-- has evolved into a robust rich universe of conspiracy and themes of fate. We're way beyond shooting an alien's leg off so he'll stop chasing us down darkened hallways. Now it looks like you'll have custom weapons and buddy to help with all of those nasty necromorphs.