Dead Rising 3‘s Final Slice of DLC Dismemberment Arrives: ‘The Last Agent’ (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 20, 2014

Dead Rising 3‘s DLC has been particularly un-spectacular. It's been harmless enough, in an extending-the-ridiculous-goretastic sort of way, but nothing essential. Operation Broken Eagle was all well and good, but less than inspired. As was the installment with that dude dicking around in the helmet.

But hey, if it's brief untold stories of Los Perdidos you're after, they fit the bill perfectly. Capcom are taking a third and final stab at expanding the game with the latest release, The Last Agent.

This sidestory stars Brad Park, an Agent of the ZDC who is about to have a extraordinarily bad, groin-bitey day. Still, as a member of the Zombie Defence and Control agency, you have to expect the occasional huge horde of shambling bastards. It's right there in the job description.

But don't foul your undercrackers, Park. You're equipped with the usual complement of new weapons (that funky gravity thing and the pokey thing, in this case) and a huge Grand Theft Auto SWAT team-style armored truck to see them off in.