‘Dead or Alive’ Turns the Norks up to 11 in the Boobiest Game Trailer Ever Made

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chris-littlechild - December 24, 2015

I'm going to be frank with you now, Ego-man to Ego-man. I hope you don't see me differently after I tell you this, like I've just shown you the secret collection of human bladders I keep in my refrigerator or something, but here it comes: I'm a bit of an ogling addict. I know, outrageous isn't it?

That's nothing new down Egotastic! way, natch. That's what you fine folks are here for. We're the wholesome oglers of the Internet, steering clear of tentacles and diapers and whatever other creepy stuff is going on in Japanese porn. We're veteran lady-lusters with no effs to give, we fear nothing and no-one, and we only call our moms seven times a day.

But sometimes, even for old pros like us, someone goes a little too far. Video games like Dead or Alive and Senran Kagura are well known for the jug-jigglin' goodtimes therein, but we've never quite hit these heights of leertastic before.

Behold Dead or Alive: Xtreme 3's latest trailer. This Japan-exclusive volleyball title knows its USP and target audience, and it's ticking all the boxes with this one. It's a panty shot and extreme-close-up-on-virtual-norks party, and everyone's invited:

So much gratuitousness. Won't somebody think of the children?

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